This months performer of the month is the wonderful Krystina Alabado! At the time of the Broadway shutdown, Krystina was wowing audiences as Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls on Broadway.

Prior to being in Mean Girls Krystina already had an impressive resume including; Spring Awakening US Tour (Ensemble, U/S Wendla, U/S Ilse), American Idiot on Broadway (Ensemble, U/S Whatsername U/S XGirl), American Idiot US Tour (Ensemble), American Psycho Bway (Vanden) and Evita US Tour (The Mistress). Krystina was also the lead in my favourite and underrated musical – The Mad Ones.

Krystina has some of the nicest vocals I have ever heard. They’re so light and sweet and honestly, if she doesn’t get cast in a Disney film or musical one day she will have been robbed because she would be perfect. If you want to hear how amazing Krystina is please go and listen to The Mad Ones! It is such an underrated musical that not a lot of people know about.

Roles I’d LOVE to see Krystina in are: Mimi in Rent, Nina in In The Heights and Eurydice in Hadestown!

For this year’s Mean Girls Day (October 3rd as mentioned in the Movie!), I booked a Zoom with Krystina (Via BwayBooker again!) which was wonderful to do! She was so so amazing to talk to! Our conversation flowed and it was incredible to talk to another of my favourite Broadway performers!

I really hope I get to Krystina as Gretchen one day!!

Here are some clips!

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