Hi everyone! Whilst there are no performances happening, I thought I’d talk about my favourite actors/actresses!

First up is Kimberly Blake! I was supposed to be seeing Kimberly on the 27th March so thought it was only fair that I did my post about her first!!

The first time I saw Kimberly was also the first time seeing 2018/19 cast of Phantom of the Opera which was on the 26th of October. I was so excited about getting to see her shine as Carlotta, I instantly fell in love with her voice and take on Carlotta. She commanded everyone’s attention with her stage presence. Her version of Prima Donna has remained one of my favourites throughout my time as a POTO fan. Since seeing her the first time she just kept getting better and better! The only thing I love more than her talent is how nice she is at the stage door, she has always greeted me with a big hug and smile whenever I saw her at Stage Door. She is such a nice person and deserves every bit of praise that she gets.

When Kimberly posted that she was leaving Phantom, I won’t lie I had a little sobbing session as she was/is a stage favourite of mine. I was gonna be sad to see her go from my favourite show but I was looking forward to what she could do next. I thought about how there is an opera section in Pretty Woman but I thought it would be too small a role for such a talented performer but months later she was announced to be in that exact role! I screamed as I was so happy that I’d be able to see her perform again in a musical that I’ve waited to see for a while (legit been a fan since before the cast recording came out XD). Turns out I wasn’t meant to see it so soon (Thanks Corona Virus) but I hope I get the chance to Kimberly shine in it soon!

One of Kimberly’s other well-known roles was as Jenny Lind in the Barnum UK Tour….if you think that name sounds familiar that’s because the movie musical that took the world by storm The Greatest Showman is based on the same person; P.T. Barnum, the Barnum musical just came many many years before. I wish I got to see Kimberly in this role as I’m sure she was amazing! I’m kind of jealous that my mum got to see Kimberly before I did! I thank her for giving me the programme from it though!

Some of the roles Kimberly was in are:

I really hope I get to see her shine in Pretty Woman as I’m sad I didn’t see it last night but I know I’ll be seeing this talented actress again one day!

A role I’d love to see her play is Heidi Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen as I think she would do such a good job in it!

I highly recommend following her on Instagram (@skyabovetheroof) as it is such a positive page and never fails to make me smile. She also has an Instagram for her Etsy page (@by_skyabovetheroof) where she posts beautiful photos of the crystal necklaces she makes.

I adore Kimberly, she is and will forever be one of my favourite performers, she’s super talented and has a heart of gold. For that reason, she is my performer of the week