Cast board for the evening performance on the 16th of January 2020

In the evening of the 16th of January I went back to the Arts Theatre to see Six for the second time – this time I was sitting front row!! It is a completely different show to Phantom but just as enjoyable! Six follows the story of Henry VIII’s wives as they compete to be the lead singer of the girl group…how do they decide to do that? Whoever had it the hardest with Henry gets to be the lead! This is such an upbeat and fun musical to witness so let’s dive into this Herstory lesson!

First up we have Collette Guitart (understudies all Queens and is Dance Captain) as Catherine of Aragon. I had previously seen Collette in the role of Catherine Parr so I was excited to see her again! This time in the role of Catherine of Aragon. No Way – Catherine’s song is a song I have to admit I don’t listen to a lot because it’s not a style of music I would normally choose; that being said I adore it during the show. Collette played it so sassily which made me laugh but during the slowed-down moments, she had the ability to rip your hearts out. How Henry divorced her I have no clue. I also found myself watching her a lot during the moments when she was in the background because she is such a talented dancer with amazing energy when she is on stage. Overall I really enjoyed seeing Collette shine again.

Next up we have Anne Boleyn who was played by Cherelle Jay (the 1st cover)…I loved her! She was hilarious! So sassy and quick-witted, she was the perfect Boleyn. Her version of Don’t Lose You Head was one of my favourite moments as it was just so upbeat and fun. She really captured Anne’s childlike behaviours and pettiness yet never went over the top with them. Her vocals were great for Anne, super sweet and unassuming yet if you crossed her she’d make your life hell. I loved how unapologetic she was throughout the whole show. Overall I adored Cherelle as Boleyn, she was hilarious and made me laugh throughout.

Moving on we have the Original Jane Seymour…Natalie Paris! This was actually the second time I had heard Natalie sing Heart of Stone. Having previously heard her sing it at the Magic! At The Musicals event at the Royal Albert Hall, I found it more special within the context of the show! Natalie truly rips out your heart whilst she sings it…there is SO much emotion that it is impossible not to tear up during it. Natalie has the voice of an angel which works so well with the role of Jane, I honestly think she was made to play the role! Overall I loved her! She was so graceful and poised, when she’s on stage I don’t see Natalie I see Jane.

Next up we have Zara Macintosh as Anna Cleves (2nd Cover). It seems to be a tradition that I go on the day where people are making their debuts in certain roles in the matinee beforehand so I always end up seeing their second performance in the role; it happened with Hana Stewart as Jane Seymour and now Zara as Cleves! It’s insane to think that it was Zara’s second performance in this role because she was AMAZING!! Her version of Get Down was pure sass, which I loved, similar to No Way, Get Down isn’t a style I listen to much so I don’t often listen to it on the soundtrack but I adore it within the show! Zara had amazing and wild energy which fits perfectly with Cleves! Overall if I didn’t know it was only her second performance as Cleves I wouldn’t have known because she was so great!!

Moving on we have the incredible Jennifer Caldwell as Katherine Howard. If you don’t know Jen is a swing from the tour cast of Six who was brought over because of the fact so many of the London Cast were off that they didn’t have enough performers for the show so they called Jen in. WOW! Her Howard was the highlight. K Howard is probably my favourite queen anyway but Jen took it to a whole new level! Her version of All You Wanna Do was so poppy yet so heartbreaking – especially the climax when all the hands were covering her. Jen was amazing at acting the song which made it even more heartbreaking! Jen looked like she was having the time of her life up on the London stage which made me love it more! Overall I am SO glad I got to see her Howard!! It was amazing! Thank you for coming to save London in need Jen!!

Finally, we have Catherine Parr, Danielle Steers, I loved her voice!! It sounds so rich and is the voice I think of when people talk about singers having rich and so-called melted chocolate voices, it was so nice to listen to! I LOVED her version of I Don’t Need Your Love, it was so soulful which fitted the song so well, I loved how fierce she was during the lines “I’d say, Henry yeah it’s true, I’ll never belong to you, cuz I’m not your toy to enjoy until there’s something new”; it was one of my favourite moments of the show. Danielle was also great at acting through song, you really forgot that she wasn’t actually forced into leaving the man she loved to marry Henry because all the emotion during that performance were spot on. Overall I really enjoyed Danielle as Parr. Her voice is killer! Also, her Parr outfit looked amazing!!


Overall I adore this musical! It is so uplifting and has a great message behind it which a lot of this generation needs! This cast was stellar and so so fun to witness! I am really glad I booked to see this as the second show of the day! I wonder what cast I’ll see next time! It is my mission to see Pink Howard, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see if that happens!

My Megasix from the evening performance
My friend Jess’ Megasix from this performance! She was lucky enough to get her phone taken! She also has a super cool blog and you should go check it out because a Six review will be coming soon!

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