The first show I saw on my London mini-break was Jeremy Jordan’s Concert with Benjamin Rauhala at Cadogan Hall in London. I’ve been a fan of Jeremy’s voice since I watched him alongside Anna Kendrick in the film version of the Jason Robert Brown musical The Last Five Years. I then continued to be a fan of his whilst watching the CW’s Supergirl series where he portrayed Supergirl’s friend Winn. Jeremy has done several Broadway shows but is most known for originating the role of Jack Kelly in Newsies based on the film of the same name. Also originating the role of Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde and most recently portrayed the role of Dr Pomatter in Waitress on Broadway. Benjamin is best known for creating the Broadway Princess Parties and being the musical director for Jeremy…He is also incredible at arrangements!!

This concert was really enjoyable, Jeremy is an incredible singer and getting to hear him sing for two hours was heavenly! Jeremy and Benjamin were a force to be reckoned with! The talent of Jeremy and the arrangements that Ben put together were a match made in heaven…lets dive into my favourite moments.

As mentioned above Benjamin is the god of medleys and for this concert, he had put together so many gorgeous ones. The mashups generally had a theme; there was a Bonnie and Clyde medley where Jeremy sang several songs from Bonnie and Clyde, there was a Last 5 Years medley in which Jeremy sang some of my favourite songs from the musical. One of my favourite sections was the Disney Princess Medley in which Jeremy sang some well-known Disney Princess songs, (Frozen, Tangled, Pocahontas and Moana to name a few), he sang them all so well with lots of humour which made the audience laugh, Petition for Jeremy to be the next Disney princess?!

By far my favourite medley was the Greatest Showman one; intertwined with all the songs people love from the soundtrack was the story of Jeremy’s (almost) involvement in the film. I thought with this medley the arrangement of it all was gorgeous and Jeremy sounded extraordinary whilst singing the songs. I loved it so much I really wish that one day that they’d release it online so all the world could get to hear the magic that they made!

As well as the gorgeous medleys there were some lovely covers of regular songs. One of my favourites was when Jeremy sang Santa Fe from Newsies, it is a great song anyway but hearing it live was something else. It’s probably the Broadway song/character that Jeremy is most known for and he sang it with so much heart which only made it better. Whilst I loved that cover, none of the songs could beat his and Ben’s arrangement of Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’ from Oklahoma! I LOVED what they did to the song, they modernized it and brought it into a new age for a new generation – which worked amazingly! As an added bonus Jeremy brought an original that he had been sitting on for several years as he didn’t think it was ready but oh my god it was amazing! I hope it gets released at some point!


I loved this concert! Jeremy was an incredible performer, he could sing anything and sound good if you ask me! Benjamin was a great Music Director as well! His arrangements were beautiful, I would love for him to release an album of different broadway actors singing his compositions! The night was glorious and I will definitely be returning if they do any more concerts over here!

Also, want to add on that afterwards there was a very long queue at the stage door for people to meet Jeremy and he stood and met every single one of them! What a lovely man!