The second show I went to on the 31st of July was the glorious Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again with another review!

Who doesn’t love this fun and feel-good musical? Filled with Abba’s music, it is one of the most beloved and well-known musicals and this performance was no different! Let us dive into the ABBA-filled musical!

The cast I saw!

First up was the glorious Mazz Murray who played Donna! This was the third time I have seen Mazz perform as I saw her as Mama Morton in Chicago just over a year ago and then saw her in Ben Forster’s solo show “Me, Myself and Musicals” back in June. I have got to say I think this was the best I’ve seen her! She just suits Donna so well and it showed! I adored her cover of the iconic The Winner Takes It All! Like it was so powerful, it was definitely one of my standout performances from that trip! Her relationship with Lucy who played her daughter Sophie, shone through in every scene they had together and I loved it, her and Lucy did an amazing rendition of Slipping Through My Fingers and like in Phantom with Jacinta (Madame Giry) and Georgia (Meg Giry) you forget that they aren’t actually mother and daughter because they just play it so well. I also enjoyed her relationship with David who was on for Sam that night, I thought they worked great together and really loved their numbers together.

Next up is Lucy May Barker who played Donna’s daughter Sophie. Another excellent cast choice! I loved Lucy as Sophie from the moment we met her at the start through to her walking off with Cameron (Sky) at the end.
I adored her versions of Honey Honey, I Have A Dream, I thought she did such a good job with them but my favourite song that she did has got to be The Name of the Game, she sang it so well! As well as having a great voice she also is a great actress! I mentioned above that I loved her mother/daughter relationship with Mazz but I also loved her friendships with Sophie’s close friends Sophie and Melissa who played Lisa and Ali. As well as her love for Cameron who plays Sky (Sophie’s fiance); I also really enjoyed seeing her bond with David, Stephen and Neil who played her dads, I thought she had a really nice relationship with all of them.

Next up is David O’Mahony who is the understudy Sam Carmichael! At risk of sounding like a broken record but I love seeing understudies and seeing David as Sam was no different! I loved his scenes with Mazz (Donna) and loved their duet of S.O.S. I thought their voices merged really nicely together to go on top of the chemistry they both had; another thing I enjoyed the relationship between him and Lucy, I thought there was a really sweet daughter/father bond going on with those two! Overall I thought David was a great Sam! Don’t be discouraged if you see him as Sam because he did a great job!

Next up are Ricky and Kirsty who play Rosie and Tayna (Donna’s best friends). I loved this duo! Especially in the numbers Chiciquita and Dancing Queen! They never failed to make me smile! I adored their solo/duet numbers with other members of the cast like Ricky’s duet with Stephen of Take a Chance on Me, it’s a musical number I love in the film and am so glad I enjoyed this one as well! I also loved her relationship with Stephen! Another number I loved was Does Your Mother Know which is sang by Kirsty and another of my favourite numbers in the film and another one that I adored live! These two made me laugh and smile throughout the show!

Next, are Stephen and Neil who play Bill and Harry (Sophie’s other possible fathers/Donna’s exes). These two were great! I loved them both in their roles! I’m not going to lie it took me a second to get used to an Australian Bill but once I got used to the accent I loved it! I love Bill generally and personally think that he is Sophie’s dad and Stephen was no different. As mentioned above I loved his and Ricky’s duet of Take a Chance on Me, I also loved them just in general, thought they were a great paring! Then there was Neil who plays Harry, Donna’s homosexual ex; not to keep referring back to the movies but I love Colin Firth’s version of Harry and is probably my favourite of the dads so I was curious to see if I liked the musical version…turns out I did! I loved his version of Our Last Summer with Mazz, I thought that scene worked really well! He also made me laugh and smile a lot throughout the show which I enjoyed. Safe to say I loved both of these guys in their roles!

Last but no means least are Sophie, Melissa and Cameron who play Lisa, Ali and Sky (Sophie’s friends and fiance). I WISH we could get to see more of these guys! I loved the girls in Honey, Honey when they are reading Donna’s diary and I love their friendship with Lucy (Sophie), like Mazz, Ricky and Kristy’s friendship, theirs shine through and you can’t help but smile. Moving on to Cameron as Sky, I loved his performance! Sophie and Sky are one of my favourite musical couples so always love seeing their number Lay all your Love on Me being performed and these two killed it. I just wish we got to see more of Sky throughout the musical!


Like in 9to5 we were in the Grand Circle which in this theatre is the 3rd level (but 2nd circle), and whilst you could see more than you can in the 9to5 seats there was much less legroom, almost to the point where it was uncomfortable which was a shame!


Overall I loved this fun musical and would 100% recommend for you all to see it at some point! Although I don’t recommend the tightness of the grand circle. I adored this cast! Great casting team at Mamma Mia London! Now…time to run away and move to Greece 😉

If you like the sound of this musical and would like to book tickets you can book them below!

If you like the sound of this musical and would like to book tickets you can book them below!

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