At the start of June, I was browsing the internet for some theatre merchandise and I came across this gorgeous Phantom of the Opera music box which I had wanted a variation of for a while because I love the one from the stage show, within the next two days I had ordered it and my order was being processed. It took about 2-3 weeks to arrive (which felt like forever because I wanted it so bad!) but from the moment I got it out of the box I loved it!

I love this music box so much! The details are gorgeous, especially on the monkey’s jacket! It is especially well made and put together. All the gold is so vibrant, all of the colours are but especially the gold colour. Like the one from the stage show, it also plays the lovely Masquerade tune and opens and closes the cymbols at the same time (see the video below). I am so happy I brought this! It is a must-have for any stagey fans but especially the people who love the Phantom of the Opera!

Music Box in action

As you can see from the video above it is a gorgeous and high-quality music box and I am so happy with it!
It is priced at £70 and I got mine from the Playbill UK store’s POTO section but also saw that it was sold at the merchandise stand at Her Majesty’s Theatre last time I went. It is made by the San Francisco Music Box Company who also do lots of other goodies such as snowglobes and music boxes!

Overall I would say this item is a 100% must have for any POTO Fan out there!