Can you tell that Phantom is my favourite musical by now?! Here’s my review from my second Phantom trip of the year!

David Thaxton as the Phantom:
This was my 4th Phantom out of my 4 trips (I’m incredibly lucky to have seen a different person take on the iconic role each time!) David brought some softness to the role in a way that some others haven’t which I thought was an interesting take, his Phantom was still angry and frightening as a Phantom should be but it was definitely a softer take on the role. I LOVED his Music Of The Night! He had such Velvety smooth voice which was amazing to hear on the iconic song. His All I Ask Of You reprise was heartbreaking as was his final lair, I’m known as Team Raoul but with the softness David brought to the role I definitely wanted to hug the Phantom and make it better for him!

With amy manford

Amy Manford as Christine Daae:
I adore with all my heart, her performance of Christine Daaé is incredible, you can REALLY see her growth from the shy curious girl in The Overture/Think of Me to the Strong girl in the Final Lair which is one of my favourite things about the show. The way she delivers the line “Angel of music you deceived me, I gave my mind blindly” is where I tear up, to be honest, 😂 The amount of emotion she puts into that one phrase is incredible! Her Wishing is so heartfelt so full of emotion, it is really something I have been honoured to see each of the 4 times I’ve been to see the show!

With Danny Whitehead

I have wanted to see Danny as Raoul since his debut, something about seeing pictures of his Raoul intrigued me and have wanted to see him in the role for a while as I’ve said, so imagine my excitement when I saw that he was on, and let me tell you boy did not disappoint at all!

I ADORED this Raoul! From the second we saw him during Think of Me I knew I was in for a treat! He gave me SUCH Hadley Fraser vibes and if you know me you know that Hadley will always be my favourite Raoul or is at least now tied as my favourite Raoul.
Danny’s vocals as Raoul were amazing especially during All I Ask Of You, Notes Reprise & The Final Lair. Speaking of the Final Lair and this is gonna sound really odd unless you’ve seen the show so I apologise 😂 But I loved the way when he was being ‘hung’ by the Phantom I loved the way even though he was in the background of the scene with Christine and the Phantom in the front I love the way that he still fought with the rope and was still putting his all into the acting.
I loved his chemistry with Amy as Christine, their All I Ask (Of You) was amazing! I just wanted them to live in that happiness forever and not go through all the sad times of act 2 had in store.
I really hope I get to see his Raoul again! I can’t describe to you how much I loved this portrayal of Raoul and he is honestly up there with Hadley!
If you get the chance to view his Raoul you won’t be disappointed at all!

with kimberly blake

Kimberly Blake as Carlotta:
Kimberly’s Carlotta keeps getting stronger every time I see her which makes me love it more than I thought possible, especially her Prima Donna/Il Muto….how the hell does someone have vocals like That?! Especially as she does it for all 8 shows throughout the week is incredible! All her little face gestures through both of the Notes songs( prima donna/Twisted Every Way) make me grin so much 😂 I just love Kimberly’s Carlotta! Makes me want a lot more Carlotta material! Also her Cadenza at the very start of the show gives me goosebumps EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

Paul Ettore Tabone as Piangi: Another favourite to see on stage! I love this Piangi, he makes me laugh so much! He works AMAZINGLY with Kimberly as Carlotta and of course, makes me wish Piangi had more lines or would love a musical of his and Carlotta’s adventures!

Ross Dawes and Alan Vicary as Monsieur Andre and Monsieur Firmin: Where to start? I always love this character duo they bring such light heartedness to a show in which other wise would be depressing so I’m very thankful for the two managers! Loved seeing Ross in the role of Firmin again, also loved seeing Alan’s take on Andre! Enjoyed both very much!

Jacinta Mulcahy as Madame Giry: I love this casting! Madame Giry DEFINITELY needs more appreciation in this fanbase! She just wants to protect Christine and Meg, I love the little bit of back story we get between Masquerade and the Notes reprise and Jacinta brings so much class to the role!

Georgia Ware as Meg Giry; Georgia’s Meg is my favourite Meg that I’ve seen! She’s playful and like her mother just wants to protect Christine, who wouldn’t want a friend like Meg honestly?! As well as having an amazing voice, Georgia brings incredible dancing to Meg! Always Love watching her in the Il Muto ballet!

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