On the 21st of Feburary I FINALLY got to see the well-loved Hamilton! Here are my thoughts on the musical!

Jamael Westman as Alexander Hamilton: Jamael was an INCREDIBLE Hamilton! Made me love the character more than I had already, You rooted for him from the start of the musical through to the end, He gave Hamilton such a great excitable personality especially in moments like the Cabinet Battles and My Shot and then toned it down for the moments where it got sadder such as Quiet Uptown or That Would Be Enough, His performance during The World Was Wide Enough was incredible! Definitely one of the stand out moments of the night.

Sifiso Mazibuko as Aaron Burr: Sifiso’s
performance of Aaron Burr, DAMN he has such a rich deep voice, his Wait For It was INCREDIBLE you felt every word of what he said, You rooted for his Burr as much as you rooted for Jamael’s Hamilton, I know Burr is supposed to be the bad guy but I LOVED this portrayal

Rachelle Ann Go as Eliza Schuyler: I feel so lucky having Rachelle as Eliza not only because she is a musical powerhouse and musical theatre legend but her all-around performance of Eliza was amazing! Especially during Helpless, it was the cutest and purest thing in the entire musical! You really felt her being love struck for Alexander and loved that they got together and married! On the other side of that, her Burn was HEARTBREAKING, You felt every single lyric of that song and you really just wanted to hug Eliza and take her away from the pain that she was feeling! After her scream at the end of Stay Alive’s reprise you could hear a pin drop and her performance during Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story was heartbreakinly beautiful!

With Ellena Leigh

Ellena Leigh as Angelica Schuyler: I had the luck of seeing understudy Ellena in the role of Angelica and let me tell you, I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role! Her performance as Angelica was amazing! I LOVED her version of Satisfied and would honestly watch it again and again if I could! I’m a big Angelica fan as Satisfied was the song that got me into the musical! As I said her performance during Satisfied was amazing especially the lyrics “But when I fantasize at night It’s Alexander’s eyes As I romanticize what might Have been if I hadn’t sized him Up so quickly At least my dear Eliza’s his wife; At least I keep his eyes in my life”
That broke my heart honestly Angelica cared so much for Eliza’s happiness and wellbeing that she gave up the man who could have been her true love for her sisters happiness and Ellena’s performance really got that across! Her performance also made me wish Lin had kept Congratulations in the full soundtrack, would love to have heard her cover it!

Cleve September as Phillip Schuyler/John Laurens: Firstly he needs to be protected by all costs, I loved seeing him as John Laurens as well as his and Jamael’s banter during My Shot and both the standard and reprise of The Story Of Tonight, his performance during the Laurens interlude was heartbreaking. During the Second act I LOVED his portrayal of Phillip, especially during Take A Break and then felt a lot of sadness when he got shot and during the Stay Alive reprise.

Tarinn Callender as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison: I absolutely LOVED seeing his portrayal of these 2 fabulous characters,as well as his and Waylon Jacobs’ banter during the Cabinet Battles and the rest of Act 2, The standout moment here was for sure during Yorktown, I love that moment in the cast recording but I loved it even more live!

With Waylon Jacobs

Waylon Jacobs as Lafayette/Jefferson: This was another stand out performances of the night! How is he the Cover?! And HOW can he rap so fast?! Honestly how! He brought all the comedic elements you feel Lafayette/Jefferson need, he was hilarious, like I said his Guns and Ships was incredible as was his What Did I Miss!

Aaron Lee Lambert as George Washington:
Another understudy I got the pleasure of seeing was Aaron as Washington! Which was also incredible, especially One Last Time! I loved seeing him and Jamael interact as well! His voice is so rich and smooth which I expect from a Washington!

Courtney-Mae Briggs as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds:
firstly, Peggy deserved better when it comes to this musical, Which breaks my heart but I LOVED Courtney’s cuteness during The Schuyler Sisters! Was exactly how I imagined Peggy! I loved her being cute with Rachelle’s Eliza during helpless as well! Moving on to act 2, DAMN this girl has some pipes! Her Say No To This was incredible! I’m a Maria fan anyway so I was looking forward to that song and it certainly didn’t disappoint! I LOVED Courtney’s tone of voice!

Jon Robyns as King George the Third: Thank you Lin Manuel Miranda for including King George The Third in Hamilton! Yes, it is random as hell BUT I love the character and his songs especially You’ll Be Back! Let me tell you Jon was incredible as King George! His performance of You’ll Be Back was one of my favourite comedic moments of the show! All of his songs as George were great and I loved seeing his character! Makes me wish there were more King George songs!

OH MY GOD the dancing and Ensemble members of this production are amazing! Especially during My Shot and Yorktown! There were so many different styles of dance, all of which were amazing to watch!
2 Standout performers have got to be the amazing Kelly Downing
who my eyes fell to a LOT during the big performance numbers, she moved with such grace and style which made watching her incredible and the amazing Leah Hill who was the bullet in The World Was Wide Enough! That whole The World Was Wise Enough performance was incredibly well choreographed and Leah’s performance as The bullet was amazing and heartbreaking!

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