My first theatre trip of the New Year went to Phantom of the Opera on Janurary the 4th of 2019, Heres my thoughts on the cast I saw!

Scott Davies: I was lucky enough to see the legendary Scott Davies in the title role and let me tell you he was incredible as the Phantom! Like really incredible! No wonder he has been playing the role on and off since 1997! He really brings the anger yet childlike tendinces to the role which is perfect for the Phantom! He gave SUCH a strong performance which left me amazed! His version of the title song and music of the night was so incredible that I had goosebumps from start to finish. I LOVED his emotion in parts like the All I Ask reprise or The Final Lair (specifically “Christine, I love you”) they were so heartfelt and even though I am known as a big Raoul fan amongst my friends, I gotta say I felt myself warming to Scotts Phantom!

Amy Manford as Christine: I love this girl, her portrayal is incredible! Each time I’ve seen her I’ve loved it more! She brings such emotion to the role which could see this time even more as I was in the 3rd row! Her singing is INCREDIBLE how someone could hit notes like that is beyond me. The fact that this is her first West End Role is amazing if you ask me! Her voice, her acting and her dancing are all amazing! Every single one of Amy’s Final Lairs give me goosebumps when I see them live! Praying that she stays on so as many people get to see her amazing portrayal as possible!

Jeremy Taylor as Raoul: Jeremy as Raoul is always a favourite to see especially as I’m such a Raoul fangirl. He brings the sweetness where it’s needed (Why Have You Brought Me Here- All I Ask reprise) yet anger where it’s needed (Twisted Every Way- Wandering Child/Bravo Bravo). Him and Amy (Christine) once again had great chemistry and proved a excellent duo!

Ross Dawes as Monsieur Firmin and Mark Oxtoby as Monsieur Andre: Ross and Mark were great again as the comedic duo, Firmin and Andre especially in both Notes/Prima Donna and Notes/Twisted Every Way! Who couldn’t love these two?! They bring such comedic relief to an otherwise very dark musical! I always enjoy seeing these two together!

Kimberly Blake as Carlotta:
I think I enjoyed her Carlotta more than last time which I didn’t know I could do! She brings such class yet such humour to the role! So strange to think she auditioned for Christine years ago. then came back to audition for Madame Giry where she got handed Carlotta material because she is SUCH a great Carlotta I couldn’t imagine her in any other role not when she suits the role so much! Similar to Amy, HOW she manages to do such a vocally demanding role for 8 shows a week is beyond me!

Paul Ettore Tabone as Piangi: I finally saw Paul as Piangi last night (after missing him the first two times I went!)! Which I LOVED, he worked perfectly alongside Kimberly’s Carlotta! He brought such humour to the role (which once again, is needed) He made me want to see more of Piangi and Carlotta’s adventures…or at the very least made me want Piangi to have more lines!

Jacinta Mulcahy as Madame Giry: Jacinta is such a classy and elegant Madame Giry, she honestly makes me forget that she is playing a character as the role just seems natural to her! Makes me wish she got more sung lines to be honest!

Georgia Ware as Meg Giry: last but not least Georgia as Meg! If you know me you know that I’m always listening to Angel of Music (Meg and Christine’s duet and probably the first song I fell in love with!) I just love the friendship between the two of them (Ignoring Love Never Dies of course) as I said with Madame Giry I also wish Meg had more time on stage, especially as she is Christine’s main friend in the Opera House! Georgia and Amy’s on stage friendship makes me smile so much! Come on…Who wouldn’t want a friend like Meg?!

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