On the 26th of October I went to view Phantom of the Opera….Here are my thoughts:

This was the second time I had seen the musical but this time there were a lot of new cast members so here is a overall review:

Tim Howar as The Phantom: It was the first time I saw Tim in the role last night and holy sh*t! Last time I saw Ben and I know this will maybe come as an unpopular opinion but I much prefer Tim’s portrayal of the Phantom! His childlike tendencies really came through with this portrayal. The grit Tim had in his voice was perfect for the role as well as the softer tones he needed on softer moments such as the Masquerade reprise in The Final Lair,
Really recommend his Phantom!

Amy Manford as Christine Daae: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again but Amy is an Angel of Music! Her portrayal of Christine is incredible! Makes me feel every word, every emotion and everything she does on stage!.Her vocals as Christine are INSANE, how anyone could sing that well for 2 and a half hours every night is beyond me! I hate that there is no professional recording of her Christine! She really captures the innocence and naivety that Christine has which progresses throughout the play. If you ask me she is the perfect portrayal of Christine! I feel so lucky having had seen her twice as Christine! I would recommend her Christine to anyone!

Jeremy Taylor as Raoul: It was my second time seeing him in the role of Raoul and was just as good as the first time! If you know me I’m a massive Raoul fan so I’m always excited to see the portrayal, Jeremy didn’t disappoint! No wonder he’s been playing Raoul two years as he is such a great Raoul…and maybe if you aren’t a fan of Raoul his portrayal could change your mind! I loved his connection with Amy Manford who played Christine and the contrast of fiercely protective in the Notes reprise and the softer side during All I Ask…

Kimberly Blake as Carlotta:
She is an INCREDIBLE Carlotta! Her voice oh my god, it fits perfectly for the role it really does! Her facial expressions as well! From the pouts and side-eyes to the smiles it was perfect, A really great take on such an iconic role!

Ross Dawes as Monsieur Andre and Mark Oxtoby as Monsieur Firmin: Who doesn’t love Monsieur Andre and Monsieur Firmin? It was my first time seeing Ross in the role of M.Andre and I gotta say, he makes an excellent half of a duo alongside Mark as M. Firmin!  Always a great duo for some comic relief in a otherwise heavy show

Jacinta Mulcahy as Madame Giry: You forget that she’s playing a role, you forget that she isn’t actually a strict ballet teacher in a opera house because she fits the role so well, although it is a smallish role, she definitely does everything she could do with her part! Who doesn’t love Madame Giry?

Matt Bateman: Matt as Piangi was a great addition! Working perfectly alongside as Kimberly’s Carlotta, I do wish we got to see more of the Carlotta-Piangi duo because they are such an interesting duo! As I said Matt played a great portrayal of Piangi and made me forget that he was the understudy for the role! That’s how well he played it.

Lily Howes as Meg Giry: This was my first time seeing Lily as Meg (who is my favourite minor character!) and I loved her portrayal, she really captures Megs innocence and friendship with Christine! Amazing dancer as well! definitely one of my faves the night.

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Full cast list from 26th of October 2018